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Wellness Tips from Wise Women

What Women Business Owners Have Learned from Their Mothers 

There are many mothers who have grown their own wellness business with Shaklee. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked three moms about their mothers, grandmothers, and mother-figures. Here’s how the moms in their lives have influenced their wellness, wisdom, and how they raise their families. 

Could you share some of the healthy lifestyle tips that your mother/grandmother/mother-figure has shared with you? 

Krystal Gossett: My amazing mom encouraged us to stay healthy by finding a variety of fun things for us to do outside. Growing up, we made the best memories while hiking, swimming, going to the beach, spending countless hours on the lake, going to parks, playing in the backyard, going to the pool, sledding and playing in the snow, and going to amusement parks. Outside is where so many of my favorite memories were made, and now I love doing the same things with my own kids.   

Brittany Raitt: My mother and grandmother were big on teaching me at a young age the importance of taking care of my skin. My grandmother was with a beauty direct sales company when I was younger and using quality skin care was important to them. Thankfully, my skin is aging gracefully just like my mother and grandmother. It’s something I have passed on to my daughters as well. 

Moyra Gorski: My mom and grandmother taught me to value a home-cooked meal. My mom always cooked dinner and encouraged us all to eat together. Even when we worked odd hours in high school, she put something in the crock pot for us to have when we were home. Sunday dinners were always important after church. During the pandemic, I established Sunday night dinners in my home. We all eat together and then share our highs and lows of the week. We most often play card games for the rest of the evening. 

What are some of the fun and healthy activities that you do with your mother/mother-figure and/or kids? 

Krystal: Our favorite thing to do is spend time together at the lake. We love to go boating, tubing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, and kayaking. Any time by the water is our favorite time together! 

Brittany: Being active is a big part of our family’s life. I’m always playing sports, riding bikes, and going outdoors with my three daughters every chance we get. I want them to remember a mother who was always smiling, laughing, and playing with them. 

Moyra: Our family had a 26-foot travel trailer/camper and would camp in the summertime in New England. My mom loved being in nature. She was also a master gardener and had a beautiful English garden at her home. She taught me the value of gardening as she would split her plants and bring them over to plant in my yard when she came to babysit.   

What is your favorite childhood memory with your mother/grandmother/mother-figure? 

Krystal: I couldn’t even begin to choose a favorite memory with my amazing mama! Since the time I can remember, she has had the most incredible ability to make small moments monumental and the grand moments even more magical. To have a mom like mine is to experience a little slice of heaven! She’s one of a kind and I am so blessed she’s mine! 

Brittany: My favorite childhood memory with my Nana was when she would bring me to work with her. She had an important job in the city where she would dress up and wear bright lipstick. Seeing her as the boss was always so inspiring, and I felt so important when I got to be in her element. She inspired me to be the businesswoman I am today.  

Moyra: I remember going to the YMCA to swim as a family on Friday or Saturday nights when we were growing up in New England. Afterwards, we’d come home to eat home-made pizza for dinner. My mom also taught me the value of service. She was a longtime volunteer in her local women’s club, volunteered at a local VA hospital with vets, and was always involved in her church.   

Fill in the blank: A mom is_____  

Krystal: Constant! It’s the best compliment you could give a mom. To have a mama who is a constant in your life is one of the greatest blessings. She’s your ride-or-die gal pal whom you can count on for everything! 

Brittany: A mom is someone who puts the needs of her children above anything else. To be a compass to guide you through life. Someone who always makes you feel loved and important and who inspires you to follow your dreams.  

Moyra: A mom to me is a great example of how to love unconditionally and abundantly. She shares her wisdom and wit with her family and friends. And she is always there to listen or just hang out.  

This Mother’s Day, take some time to appreciate the mothers, grandmothers, and mother-figures in your life and the influence they have had on you. 

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