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Healthy Fall Recipes

Robin is a mom of two living in San Diego with her musician husband and two children, Poppy, 3, and Wylder, 1. Robin began experimenting in the kitchen at the young age of 13. Determined to make healthier versions of her favorite foods while competing in pageants and modeling, she started adding veggies to random sweet meals and substituting better-for-you flours in baked goods. This was just the beginning of her foodie creations! Robin has built a thriving online community that tunes in weekly for her #ColdBrewLikeRobin and #CauliOatsLikeRobin content, her Bake with Poppy IGTV series, and the daily health, wellness, cooking, and motherhood topics that she shares. Robin truly believes that a strong body equals a healthy mind. Don’t miss this class, which will feature two exciting new healthy cauliflower-based recipes for you to enjoy and share with loved ones. Don’t knock it till you try it!

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