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Mobility & Flexibility Training

Based in New York City, Karina Blackwood offers fitness classes that transform lives and restore the mind, body, and soul. Karina found fitness to be her true calling after experiencing firsthand its effect on her ability to deal with the stresses of professional life. The pressures of a career in architecture had started to weigh on her ability to create. Now, Karina enjoys helping others find balance in their lives. She teaches at various studios and offers private classes around New York City. Besides teaching and private consultation, she works closely with fitness experts and TV personalities. In 2020, Karina opened a flexibility training studio in Manhattan called NYC Stretching. Over the last 2 years, NYC Stretching training and online courses have helped thousands of students to achieve their flexibility goals. If you want to become more flexible, improve posture, reduce back pain, help prevent injuries, or even be able to do splits, this flexibility training is for you! In this class, we will target joint mobility and full body agility, with a focus on core strength and hip mobility for good everyday function. Great for all ages and fitness levels. Suggested props: a yoga mat, blanket (or pillow) for knees, and either a yoga strap or towel.

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