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Power Vinyasa Yoga

Angel DeSantis, E-RYT 500, NASM, FRC, is a yoga and mobility trainer who teaches inner strength through outer movement. Her passion is offering detailed instruction that allows students to connect to their bodies and better understand their natural capabilities. She has taught for over a decade and her teaching has taken her across the globe, where she has worked with everyone from high schoolers to CEOs, to mom groups, corporate wellness clients, and even elite athletes. Angel is passionate about combining the mental and physical components of strength. Her Vinyasa Yoga class is a mix of steady movement and powerful poses, but she offers modifications to fit every fitness level. She’s also passionate about teaching workshops to help train the mind and tap into its endless resources. In her free time, you can find Angel enjoying nature’s abundance in Los Angeles, either on a trail in the mountains or at the beach.

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