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Sound Healing Meditation

Luciana Santaguida is a vibrational healer who uses voice, music, and sound to illuminate and ignite the soul. The founder of NÜLOVE, she is a renowned sound healer and Reiki master as well as an accomplished yoga teacher. Over the last 10 years, Luciana has had the pleasure of teaching thousands of people across the globe. She has dedicated her life to being of service through sound, music, and movement, curating experiences for people to connect from the inside out. During her Sound Healing meditations (also known as sound baths), participants allow the power of sound to take them on a journey of discovery and deep relaxation. It is an immersive experience that uses sound to guide the listener to a meditative state, helping to relieve stress and nurture both mind and body. You can find Luciana’s healing music online on Spotify® and Apple Music®.

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