Wellness Wednesdays

Maintaining a Healthy Pantry in 2022 (30  minutes) with Stacey Hatfield

Maintaining a Healthy Pantry in 2022 (30  minutes)

with @naturalspoonfuls

Stacey Hatfield of Natural Spoonfuls is a qualified Nutritionist and Accredited Health Coach, who passionately advocates embracing nature to nourish lives. She runs multiple online programs helping individuals to live nutritious, balanced, and nourishing lives. Stacey takes a refreshingly simplified approach to health and promotes the adage that “nature knows best.” She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia, and works with clients globally, specializing in food content creation through recipe development as well as food photography and videography. Stacey has a nutritious recipe collection that can be found on her blog and Instagram. Set yourself up for success with this informative class, during which you’ll receive tons of tips for cleaning out, organizing, and maintaining a healthy pantry in the new year!

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