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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we believe that village is important from the moment you make the decision to bring new life into the world. You can find advice for new moms all over the internet, from what to ask your doctor to which are the best prenatal vitamins. But we think the people most suited to offer first-time mom tips are women who have made the journey to motherhood themselves. So, we asked seasoned moms here at Shaklee to offer their best tips for pregnant women and to share their stories, hardships, and lessons learned. 

What’s the most difficult thing about being pregnant? How did you work through it? 

“I found the back pain and trouble sleeping in the third trimester to be the hardest. I just worked through it, getting one of those pregnancy pillows and laying down when I needed to during the day to take the pressure off my back. Also, in the first trimester, when I felt nauseated and tired, I just kept eating tiny snacks to keep me full.” – Kellan M. 

“I had horrible all-day sickness my entire pregnancy. Keeping crackers by the bed and drinking ginger tea sometimes helped in the morning, but unfortunately it was a struggle my entire pregnancy.” – Deana R. 

When I first got pregnant, I had difficulty adjusting my lifestyle. I was a part of a sports team and was training for a competition. Cutting down the exercise and dealing with opinions from others (you can’t do this and that) were the hardest parts. For my second baby, I just did whatever felt good for my body and felt more balanced and healthier mentally and physically while pregnant.” – Tomo I. 

What was your favorite thing about pregnancy?

“My favorite thing was feeling baby swimming around—sometimes a slight tickle and other times a swift kick. Either way, knowing that you’re growing a beautiful spirit is a superpower.” – Marissa C. 

“It was definitely once I started to feel the baby in my belly. It’s so hard to explain but so magical to think about what you and your body are doing every minute of every single day while pregnant (and beyond).” – Kellan M. 

“My favorite thing about my pregnancy was knowing my body was creating not just one but two beautiful little babies! Creating life is truly a miracle.” – Deana R. 

What was the most surprising thing about being pregnant? 

“I was surprised by how much you can still do when you are growing another human being. It shouldn’t have surprised me—women all over the world just keep on with their normal day until they go into labor, especially in less economically advantaged areas. Strangely, I think not focusing on my pregnancies made that time easier. I wasn’t looking for changes in my daily life and, other than morning sickness, I didn’t find them.” – Elaine B. 

“I knew nothing about the acid reflux! And I had it bad with both my pregnancies. Unfortunately, my doctor didn’t give me a list of all the occasional ailments that might come my way.” – Kellan M.  

“The most surprising thing about being pregnant for me was how difficult it was to actually get pregnant. I grew up my entire life knowing I wanted to become a mother, but it’s not as easy for some of us to get pregnant as it is for others.” – Deana R. 

What’s the most surprising thing you learned when you became a mom?

“Everyone tells you this, but once you become a mother, your entire world revolves around your kids. No ifs, ands, or buts—it does. And the love you have for your child is like no other.” – Deana R. 

“It’s surprising how capable you (and your partner) are at being parents and how much you will love this human being you created more than anything.” – Kellan M. 

“How much you grow as a person as your kids grow up each day.” – Tomo I. 

What’s the biggest challenge a new mom faces? How did you work through it?

“Sleep—especially if you have multiple kids close in age. My husband and I shared night duty. He would give the babies bottles if they woke early in the night, and I took over toward morning. Let Dad be an equal partner (and don’t criticize how they do the task).” – Elaine B.  

“It’s hard to find the balance between all the information you receive and navigating the path that is right for you. Researching, asking tough questions, and being curious until you’re satisfied you’ve found the answers are key. Let friends, family, and your significant other take care of you. You’ll be busy focusing on taking care of baby, but you’ll need taking care of as well. Accept the help, meals, cleaning, etc., but make sure you dictate the terms and what makes you comfortable. This is the time to ask for what you need.” – Marissa C. 

“Lack of sleep is probably the biggest challenge. Your body ultimately gets used to being exhausted all the time, but sleep deprivation can be challenging. Being a mom is hard. It’s okay to ask for help and okay to accept it.” – Deana R. 

“The emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion of taking care of a tiny human being. No amount of reading preps you for it. It’s completely on-the-job training. Take each day as it comes and be patient. Ask for help—you don’t have to do it all by yourself—and be sure to eat well. Slowly, you will find your rhythm.” – Nikita C. 

“Being on a 2- to 3-hour newborn schedule 24/7 for the first couple months. But, once you get through it, it gets much easier.” – Kellan M. 

What’s one thing you wish you’d known before you became a mom?

“I was so focused on trying to have a baby, I didn’t do any research on best practices after you have the baby, like how to sleep train. I had twins, and none of us slept through the night for 13 months.” – Deana R. 

“You can’t predict outcomes. You can only support the journey, so don’t get too invested in your kid’s goals. Let them sample everything, and don’t try to ‘professionalize’ their interests unless they ask to go down that path.” – Elaine B. 

“There is something unique and precious about every stage and every age. Take the time to enjoy it. Also, take videos. You think you won’t forget, but you will. Videos help a lot.” – Kellan M. 

“There are lots of unknowns. One day your baby will eat well and sleep well. The next day it will be the opposite, and that’s okay! All the small little hiccups in the first year will prepare you to form a mother’s intuition and a ready response to what your baby needs. Rely on another experienced mama in your life. Your pediatrician should be on speed dial, too.” – Nikita C. 

What’s the best advice another mama has ever given you?

You can’t do everything. The piles of laundry and the mess on the floor can wait sometimes. Don’t compare yourself with Instagram moms. They are probably frantically cleaning their house before taking pictures. Focus on what’s important for you and baby, not how others see you and baby.” – Tomo I. 

“Another mom once told me that ‘change is inevitable,’ and it’s true. As soon as you think your baby has gotten something down, something new comes your way. Like, your baby starts to sleep through the night, but then they start teething and have trouble sleeping. You just have to keep going and adapting and enjoying what is so special about the current moment. Try not to focus on all the hard stuff, because that time truly does go by so fast.” – Kellan M. 

“The best advice another mom gave me was that once you become a mother, you understand how hard it actually is and you never think of judging another mom. Some days are tougher than others. There really is no job like being a mother. It’s a full-time, 24/7 job that never ends for your entire life.” – Deana R. 

Is there anything else you’d want to tell a hopeful, soon-to-be, or new mom?

“Know that you’ve already become a mama to your baby. What you put into your body, including nutrition and supplements, your mental wellness, and fitness are already impacting baby. Your motherhood journey begins before conception and the choices and decisions you make are what being a mom is all about.” – Marissa C. 

“Enroll your kids in a good day care, as early as possible. As a working mom, my kids both started day care at 3 months. Both recognized at an early age that life is not just about them. Day care gave every kid the same food, the same rules, etc., and forced them to recognize the needs and wants of others—sometimes for 10 hours a day. Day care is the closest thing we have to how kids were formerly raised in multigenerational families or communities where individuals functioned with the good of the group in mind.” – Elaine B. 

“Find good childcare or a family member early on to help out. You (and your partner) need a break and time to connect as adults. The baby will be just fine.” – Kellan M. 


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