2024 Sustainability Report: Our Pledge for the Planet

We believe our planet deserves to be protected, which is why we have been committed to environmental stewardship since the founding of Shaklee in 1956. In the 1960s Shaklee introduced one of the first nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners, and in the 1970s Shaklee introduced one of the first biodegradable laundry detergents without phosphates, nitrates, or borates. In 1989 Shaklee helped build schools and health clinics and planted more than one million trees in Asia through a partnership with the American Himalayan Foundation®. In 1990 our nontoxic, biodegradable Basic-H® became one of the first official Earth Day products. And on Earth Day in 2009, we planted the millionth tree at the Shaklee World Headquarters in Pleasanton, California, as part of our A Million Trees, A Million Dreams™ campaign. We do everything in our power to preserve the world we call home—from how we source ingredients to how we run our company.    

We also believe that sustainability shouldn’t stand still. Every year we look for more opportunities to embrace circularity, reduce our impact, and improve our earth-friendly practices. This past year we focused on how we can incorporate more sustainable packaging into our product lines, minimizing our use of non-renewable resources like plastic and maximizing our use of renewable resources and post-consumer recycled materials. We also gained more insight about our supply chain so that we can continue to make improvements in sustainability practices. 

Our mission is to bring true wellness to the world, and that includes the world we live in. Follow our journey as we continue to minimize our impact and build upon our pledge for the planet. 

Our Milestones from 2023

  1. We were able to save over 26,000 lbs of plastic in one year by transitioning our Life Shake™ canisters to resealable gusset bags.
  2. We planted over 34,000 trees through our partnership with American Forests. Our commitment to planting 10 million trees is one of the most important things we can do to help sustain our planet. You can learn more about exactly how tree planting helps the environment here.
  3. We partnered with business sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis to gain insight into our suppliers’ sustainability and carbon management practices. This includes learning more about how suppliers engage in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) areas within their businesses. These evidence-based ratings provided by EcoVadis will help us further improve our sustainability.
    • The average Shaklee supplier score was 56.3 out of 100, which is +10.4 points above EcoVadis’ average for the packaged good industry.
    • Shaklee performed above industry benchmarks in these categories: 
    • Environment: 57.0 (+11 above benchmarks) 
    • Labor & Human Rights: 56.8 (+8.1 above benchmarks) 
    • Ethics: 56.2 (+12.6 above benchmarks)
    • Sustainable Procurement: 52.2 (+14.7 above benchmarks)
  4. We incorporated refillable packaging solutions for our best sellers like Vivix® Gummies that lowered packaging weight by 90% and reduced fossil fuel, emissions, and water use by 94%.
  5. As part of our goal for sustainable packaging throughout our product lines, we invested in more sustainable plastic choices to reduce the use of virgin plastic. 
    • Refillable pouches for Vivix are made of 47.2% recycled plastic.
    • Packaging for all Shaklee Body SKUs is made up of 37%–77% recycled plastic.
  6. We made it easier for customers to recycle packaging by adding recycling instructions on our top-selling product pages. We want to ensure that more of our packaging is either reused, given a second life, or placed in the recycling bin. Together, we can reduce our impact on the planet.
  7. We offset our carbon emissions every day. As the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral, we’ve been carbon neutral for over 20 years, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment. Learn more about what it means for us to be climate neutral and how we’ve been able to offset 100% of our greenhouse gas emissions here. 

Our Journey for 2025 and Beyond

  • We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact while delivering high-quality products. To do this we are actively collaborating with companies that help recover and reduce plastic waste.
  • We continue to push toward sustainable packaging, prioritizing recyclability, incorporating previously recyclable materials, and introducing refillable solutions for our personal care products.
  • EcoVadis’ sustainability reporting helped us fully understand our strengths and opportunity areas so that we can proactively manage our sustainability performances for continued optimization and success with our suppliers. 

Let’s Protect Our Planet Together 

We’ll never stop exploring more ways to improve our earth-friendly practices, reduce our impact, and create a healthier world for everyone. Climate change affects us all, and there are many ways that you can help protect our planet too. The best way to start is to understand your impact and learn the importance of reducing your carbon footprint. Click here to learn a few ways that you can be a more conscious consumer. 


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